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Welcome to AbleBooks Africa where we nurture the early learning journey of children with disabilities through disability-inclusive storytelling.
Our latest book
An illustration of Dolly, a young girl jumping in delight shadow

You are welcome to explore "Dolly's World: Story of a Deaf Nigerian Girl," our latest storybook that brings to life the fascinating journey of Dolly, an 8-year-old girl with dreams as big as her heart. We invite you to be part of the story that celebrates diversity, inclusion, and the joy of reading.

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Our Objectives

At AbleBooks Africa, our goal is rooted in the belief that every child with a disability deserves to see themselves in the stories they read. Our goal is abbreviated as READ, and it stands for:

Making sure children with disabilities are included and see themselves in our stories.
Early Learning
Helping children with disabilities learn and enjoy reading from a young age.
African Legacy
Building a lasting impact on storytelling and inclusion in African disability communities.
Celebrating and including people from all African backgrounds in our stories.

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